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Nam Phuong Restaurant Hours Including Sonic Hous of Operation and Sonic Working Hours Today

Bo Tai Chanh $9.95
Dinner for 10 $115.95
Food Price
Bo Xao Dau Hu $8.95
Banh Hoi Nem Nuong $8.95
Ca Chien Don Nuoc Mam
Ga Xao Rau Cai $7.95
Fish Congee $6.50
Thit Nuong Xa Lach Dau Giam $7.50
Goi Vit $8.95
Ga Xao Gung Hanh $7.95
Banh Hoi Bo Nuong La Lot $9.95
Goi Du Du Tom Thit (Hoac Tom Ga) $7.95
Salted Fish Fried Rice $7.95
Bo Xao Tuong Den $8.95
Ngheu Xao Tuong Den $12.95
Banh Canh Tom Thit $6.50
Bun Rieu Cua (Hoac Ca) $6.95
Lemonade $2.50
Chao Long $6.50
Banh Hoi Tom Nuong $8.95
Beef Congee $6.50
Ga Xao Ca Ri $8.50
Jello with Coconut Milk $2.50
Pho (Chon Tu 1 Toi 3) $6.50
Bun Thit Nuong $6.95
Com Tam Suon Dac Biet $7.25
Com Bo Kho $6.50
Food Price
Dau Hu Xao Tuong Den $7.95
Tom Rang Muoi $10.95
Mi Tom Thit (Nuoc, Kho) $6.50


Goi Cuon Dau Hu (2) $3.00
Food Price
Pho Ga $6.50
Food Price
Muc Xao Cai Chua $8.95
Bo Xao Rau Cai $8.95
Thit Nuong Cuon (2) $3.50
Chicken Congee $6.50
Dau Hu Xao Ca Ri $7.95
Hu Tiu-Mi Do Bien $6.95
Iced French Coffee $3.00
Food Price
Homemade Vietnamese Yogurt $2.50
Com Vit Luoc Mam Gung $6.95
Canh He, Dau Hu, Tom Thit $8.95
Goi Cuon Dau Hu $3.00
Chem Chep Xao Tuong Den $8.95
Com Tam Suon Bi Cha $6.75
Food Price
Food Price
Banh Mi Bo kho $6.50
Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio $6.95
Pho Dac Biet (Tai, Nam, Gau, Gan, Sach, Bo Vien) $7.50
Food Price
Ca Tim Xao Sa Ot (Cay) $7.50
Muc Xao Gia He $8.95
Diet Coke $1.50
Bun Mam $6.95
Muc Rang Muoi (Cay) $8.95
Chicken Fried Rice $7.95
Pho Tom $6.95
Hu Tiu Tom Thit (Nuoc, Kho) $6.50
Hu Tiu Bo Kho $6.50
Food Price

Entrees - Pork

Com Tam Ga Nuong $6.50
Bun Tau Hu Ki Cuon Tom $7.50
Banh Hoi Ca Nuong La Lot $9.95
Pennywort Drink with Mung Bean $3.50
Salted Lemon Drink $2.50
Mi Xao Mem Dau Hu $7.95
Goi Du Du Dau Hu $6.95
Do Bien Xao Tuong Den $12.95
Bun Bi $5.95

Rice Noodles Soup

Banh Hoi Chao Tom $10.95
Com Tam Thit Nuong $6.50
Suon Ram Gung $7.95
Vietnamese Eggnog $4.00
Hu Tiu Ga (Hoac Mi Ga) $6.50
Tom Xao Rau Cai $10.95

Entrees - Fish

Do Bien Rang Muoi $12.95
Dinner for 4 $48.95
Yogurt with Shaved Ice $3.50
Muc Xao Sa Ot (Cay) $8.95
Goi Du Du Kho Bo $7.95
Bo Xao Sa Ot (Cay) $8.95
Mi Xao Mem Thap Cam $8.95
Iced Coffee with Pearl Milk $3.50
Com Tam Tom Nuong $6.95

Entrees - Chicken

Goi Ngo Sen Tom Thit (Hoac Tom Ga) $9.95
Com Tam Thit Nuong Bi Cha $6.75
Sup Mang Cua $7.95
Food Price
Hoanh Thanh Sup $5.95
Food Price

Entrees - Beef

Bun Cha Gio $5.95
Canh Ga Chien Nuoc Mam (2) $7.95
Duck Congee $6.50
Bot Chein $5.95
Mi Xao Don Do Bien $10.95
Sprite $1.50
Chim Cut Nuong Sa Ot (Hoac Chim Cut Quay) (2) $7.50
Canh Chua Dau Hu $7.95
Bun cha Ha Noi $8.95
Lychee $2.50
Food Price
Ca Tim Xao Toi (Hoax Tuong Den) $7.50
Goi Cuon (2) $3.00
Hu Tiu Dai My Tho $6.50
Nem Nuong Cuon $3.95
Bun Chao Tom $9.95
Bun Dac Biet $8.50
Muc Xao Tuong Den $8.95
Canh Bun $6.95
Food Price
Ga Xao Tuong Den $7.95
Ga Xao Sa ot (Cay) $7.95
Bun Bo Nuong La $8.95
Hot French Coffee $3.00
Deluxe Fried Rice $7.95
Banh Xeo $7.50

Entrees - Vermicelli

Food Price
Lemon Soda $3.00

Entrees - Fried Rice

Entrees - Pan Fried Noodles

Bi Cuon (2) $3.00
Banh Hoi Thit Nuong $8.95
Goi Cuon Tom Cua (2) $4.95
Tom Xao Sa Te $10.95
Bun Tom Nuong $7.50
Bo Xao Cai Lan $8.95
Hu Tiu-Mi Tom Thit (Nuoc, Kho) $6.50
Sup Do Bien $8.95
Fruit Shakes $3.50
Rainbow Ice $3.00
Banh Hoi Bo Nuong Mo Chai $9.95
Com Tam Suon Tau Hu Ki $6.95
Taro Powder with Pearl Milk Shake $4.00
Bun Mang Vit (Hoac Ga) $7.25
Yogurt with Syrup $3.50
Ice Cream $2.00
Bo Luc Lac $9.95
Fresh Sugar Cane Drink $4.00
Ga Xao Sa Te (Cay) $7.95
Dau Hu Xao Sa Ot (Cay) $7.95


Ca Hao Gung Hanh
Dinner for 6 $69.95
Food Price

Entrees - Thin Soup

Coke $1.50
Food Price

Entrees - Vegetarian Dishes

Suon Nuong Xa Lach Dau Giam $8.95

Entrees - Rice Vermicelli

Tom Xao Tuong Den $10.95

Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup

Non-Alcoholic $4.50
Tom Xao Sa Ot (Cay) $10.95
Beef Fried Rice $7.95

Noodles Soup

Suon Ram Man $7.95

Beef Stew

Banh Canh Cua Tom $7.25
Com tam tau hu ki (2) $7.25
Ruot Heo Xao Cai Chua $8.95

Entrees - Seafood

Family Dinner


Suon Ram Sa Ot Cay $7.95
Cha Gio (2) $3.00
Bun Dau Hu Xao Sa $6.25
Coconut Drink $2.50
Ca Kho To $8.95


Fresh Orange Juice $3.00
Tom Xao Ca Ri $10.95
Ba Vi $23.95
Ca Chien Sot Ca
Bo Tom Muc Nhung Dam $21.95
Canh Chua Ca $9.95
Mi Xao Don Dau Hu $8.95
Iced French Coffee with Condensed Milk $3.00
Salted Lemon Soda $3.00
Lemon $1.50

Entrees - Broken Rice

Ga Xao Ca Tim $7.95
Goi Ga $8.95
Food Price
Bo Xao Sa Te (Cay) $8.95
Dinner for 5 $59.95
Hot French Coffee with Condensed Milk $3.00
Hu Tiu Hoanh Thanh (Hoac Mi Hoanh Thanh) $6.50
Bun Bo Hue $6.95
Mi Bo Kho $6.50
Food Price

Entrees - Rice Porridge

Bun Nem Nuong $7.50
Dinner for 3 $36.95
Food Price
Com Tam Suon (2) $6.50
Bun Bo (Hoac Ga) Xao Xa $6.95
Ruot Heo Chein Gion $8.95
Mi Xao Don Thap Cam $9.95
Seafood Fried Rice $7.95
Soy Bean Drink $1.75
Hu Tiu Xao Dau Hu $7.95
Banh Xeo Dau Hu $7.50
Dinner for 8 $99.95
Pennywort Drink $2.50
Food Price
Food Price
Thai Ice Tea with Pearl Milk $3.50
Seafood Congee $6.95
Bo Xao Ca Ri $8.95
Food Price
Shrimp Fried Rice $7.95
Food Price
Sup Bo Vien $5.95
BBQ Chicken On Vermicelli $6.50

Goi - Salad

Dinner for 2 $26.95
Canh Chua Tom $9.95
Dau Hu Rang Muoi Tieu $7.95