Cafe Caturra Menu and Prices

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Food Price
Garden Salad $5.00
Garden Salad $8.00
Hot Tea $3.00
Creme Brulee $2.00
Past And Lotsa Cheese $8.00
Chargrilled Romaine $12.00
Garden Salad
Burger $9.00
Food Price
Tender BBQ Pork $9.00
2 Cheese $6.00
Lump Crab Cakes $12.00
3 Meats $9.00
Fattoush Salad
Three Meat $12.00
Trio Of Mini Desserts $6.00
Prosciutto $12.00
Daily Special
Raspberry Walnut $10.00
Smokehouse BLT $9.00


Kettle Chips
Arugula And Goat Cheese $11.00
Glazed Fruit
Garden Panini $9.00
Half Garden Or Half Raspberry Walnut Salad
Cappuccino $4.00
Tarragon Tuna $9.00
Aqua Panna
Food Price
1 Cheese $3.00
Crispy Cheese Panini $9.00
Food Price


Food Price
Mushroom $9.00

Stone Hearth Pizza

Curry Chicken
Half Of Any Above Sandwich
Warm Crab Wraps $12.00
Food Price
Gremolata Potatoes
Food Price

Sandwiches $20

Club $10.00
San Pellegrino
Garden Salad $3.00
1 Meat $3.00
Food Price
Hearty Beef
Seasonal Every Day
Food Price
4 Meats $12.00
Red Pasta
Apple And Almond $11.00
Latte $4.00
Reuben $11.00
Food Price
Simply Chocolate

Brioche Sliders

Charred Beef And Lamb Meatballs $10.00
Key Lime Pie $2.00
Mixed Mushroom $11.00
2 Meats $6.00
4 Cheese $12.00


White $11.00
Hot Cocoa $3.00
Espresso $2.00
Fattoush $10.00

Sides $12

Caprese Crostini $9.00

Starters $16

Melon & Prosciutto
Food Price
Curry Chicken $9.00
Food Price
Slow-Roasted Pork Panini $10.00

Beverages $5


Choc-Chunk Cookies
Chocolate Torte $2.00
Breads And Spreads $10.00

Robust Salads


Pick Two $7.50

Americano $3.00

Small Plates

Food Price
Iced Tea
3 Cheese $9.00
Food Price
Fruit Fondue
Chilled Seared Shrimp $19.95
Hearty Beef Panini $11.00
Food Price


Tarragon Tuna
Diet Coke
Warm Chocolate $2.00
Bottled Water
Food Price
Charred Beef And Lamb Meatball $10.00


Tuscan Panini $11.00

Sweets $8

Food Price
Seared Shrimp $12.00
Iced Tea
Braised Beef Short Rib $13.00
Cup Of Today's Soup
Mocha $4.00
Margherita $12.00