Inchin's Bamboo Garden Menu and Prices

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Inchin's Bamboo Garden Restaurant Hours Including Sonic Hous of Operation and Sonic Working Hours Today

Lettuce Wraps $6.00 - $7.00
Food Price
Chili Shrimp $15.00
Shrimp Lo Mein $9.00
Chili Chicken $9.00
Vegetable Manchow Soup $3.00
Lachew Cauliflower $6.00
Shrimp Tobanjan $15.00
Vegetable Dan Dan Noodles $7.00
Garlic Pepper Chicken $9.00
Food Price



Shrimp Burnt Garlic Chili Fried Rice $8.00
Diced Chicken Hot Garlic $9.00
Food Price
Chicken Manchurian Saucy $8.00
Mixed (Chicken, Lamb, & Shrimp) Lo Mein $9.00
Chef Style Tofu $7.00
Food Price
Szechwan Beef $11.00
Shrimp $4.00
T'Sing Hoi Potatoes $7.00
Paneer in Sauce of your choice $8.00
Chicken Tenders $4.00
Vegetable Szechwan Fried Rice $7.00
Eggplant Tau Si $7.00
Vegetable Coins in Sauce of your choice $7.00
Food Price
Lat Mai Kai $7.00
Pan Fried Chili-Fish $7.00
Lettuce Wraps $6.00

Lunch Specials

Chicken Yanchow Fried Rice $8.00
Chicken Lo Mein $9.00
Vegetable Lo Mein $8.00
Dragon's Fire $7.00


Sliced Fish in sauce of your choice $11.00
Tomato Ginger Clear Soup $3.00
Food Price
Food Price
Vegetable Burnt Garlic Chili Fried Rice $7.00
Sweet & Sour / Sesame Chicken $9.00
Fried Rice Veg./ Chicken $3.00
American Corn Pepper Salt $5.00
Double Fried Tofu Szechwan Style $8.00
Food Price
Food Price
Mongolian Chicken $8.00
Cashew Nut Chicken $9.00
Vegetable Coins Manchurian $8.00
Lobster Butter Garlic
Shrimp Chili Garlic Noodles $8.00
Devil's Choice $8.00
Crispy Chicken in Chili Honey $8.00
Chicken Szechwan Fried Rice $8.00
Szechwan Lamb $9.00
Sliced Fish Tsing Tu $11.00


Crab in Sauce of your choice

Kids Noodles

Food Price


Manchow Soup $4.00
Vegetable Chili Garlic Noodles $7.00
Chicken Spring Rolls $5.00
Chicken Chili Garlic Noodles $8.00
Shredded Crispy Lamb Peking $11.00
Hunan Chicken $9.00
Chicken Dan Dan Noodles $8.00
Szechwan Chicken $9.00
Food Price
Pan Fried Chili Paneer $6.00


Food Price
Mongolian Chicken $9.00
Egg Drop Soup $3.00
Shredded Beef Hot Garlic $9.00
Shrimp Fried Rice $8.00


Kung Pao Chicken $8.00
Shrimp Pepper Salt $8.00
Sliced Fish / Shrimp in Sauce of your choice $9.00
Drums Of Heaven $7.00
Fried Wontons $5.00
Food Price
Chicken Wonton Soup $4.00
Mongolian Beef $9.00
Shrimp American Chopsuey $10.00
Chicken $4.00
Vegetable American Chopsuey $8.00
Steamed Rice $2.00
Sliced Lamb Hot Garlic $9.00
Shrimp Yanchow Fried Rice $8.00
Vegetable Fried Rice $7.00
Chicken Hot & Sour Soup $4.00


Mixed (Chicken, Lamb, & Shrimp) Szechwan Fried Rice $8.00
Fried Vegetable Coins $3.00
Crispy Chili Baby Corn $5.00
Szechwan Beef $9.00
Crispy Noodles $3.00
Chicken Manchurian $9.00
Food Price
Mixed Vegetables in Brown / White Sauce $8.00


Ginger Capsicum Fried Rice $7.00
Special $2.00



Crispy Chili Potatoes $5.00
Shrimp Haka Noodles $8.00
Mixed (Chicken, Lamb, & Shrimp) Burnt Garlic Chili Fried Rice $8.00
Food Price
Mixed Vegetables in Sauce of your choice $7.00
Kung Pao Chicken $9.00
Cauliflower Manchurian $8.00
Chicken Clear Soup $4.00
Shrimp in sauce of your choice $15.00
Vegetable Hot & Sour Soup $3.00
Vegetable Yanchow Fried Rice $7.00
Chicken Burnt Garlic Chili Fried Rice $8.00
Mixed (Chicken, Lamb, & Shrimp) American Chopsuey $10.00
Mongolian Beef $11.00
Okra Black Bean $7.00
Double Fried Tofu Szechwan Style $8.00
Sweet Corn Soup $4.00
Mixed (Chicken, Lamb, & Shrimp) Chili Garlic Noodles $8.00
Vegetable Wonton Soup $3.00
Food Price


Chicken Haka Noodles $8.00


Shredded Beef Hot Garlic $11.00
Mushroom Pepper Salt $6.00


Sliced Lamb Hot Garlic $11.00
Lat Mai Paneer $6.00
Food Price
Fish Hong Kong $12.00
Sweet Corn Soup $3.00
Food Price
Mixed (Chicken, Lamb, & Shrimp) Dan Dan Noodles $8.00
Mixed (Chicken, Lamb, & Shrimp) Fried Rice $8.00
Slow Fried Jumbo Shrimp in Sauce of your choice $18.00
Vegetable Clear Soup $3.00
Szechwan Chicken $8.00
Vegetable Coins in Sauce of your choice $8.00
Food Price
Lemon Chicken $9.00
Vegetable Haka Noodles $7.00
Shrimp Szechwan Pickled Chili $15.00
Sliced Chicken With Mixed Vegetables in Black Bean Sauce $10.00


Wothub Vegetables $8.00
Diced Chicken Hot Garlic $8.00
Food Price
Spring Rolls $5.00
Shrimp Szechwan Fried Rice $8.00
Mixed Vegetables in Sauce of your choice $7.00


Shrimp Dan Dan Noodles $8.00
Mixed (Chicken, Lamb & Shrimp) Haka Noodles $8.00
Chicken Fried Wontons $5.00
Lobster Canchow
Broccoli Chicken $9.00


Chicken Fried Rice $8.00
Crispy Chicken Chili Honey $9.00
Stir Fried Noodles with Vegetables $3.00
Broccoli Beef $11.00
Sweet & Sour / Sesame Chicken $8.00
Cilantro Fish $11.00
Paneer in Sauce of your choice $9.00


Szechwan Lamb $11.00
Chicken American Chopsuey $9.00
Vegetable Sweet Corn Soup $3.00
Devil's Beef $11.00
Shredded Lamb Chili Mustard $11.00